About Anthony Kearns

World-renowned tenor Anthony Kearns took the American television audience by storm in 1999 as the youngest member of the wildly popular musical group, The Irish Tenors. American critics hailed Kearns as perhaps the most likely of the three (Irish Tenors) to “achieve the level of tenor super stardom now enjoyed by Pavarotti and a handful of other singers.”

Acknowledged as Ireland’s Finest Tenor at the Dublin National Concert Hall’s Silver Jubilee in 2006, Mr. Kearns is a respected ambassador of Ireland to the world and has presented the music of his homeland across the globe. As a soloist, Kearns' performances draw from a wide variety of opera, folk music, and international favorites.

Mr. Kearns frequently performs at charity concerts, on television, and with the finest symphony orchestras and opera houses in Europe and America. His music can be found on Amazon or Apple Music.